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How To Choose the Best Music For Your Videos

30th June 2022

The importance of choosing the right music cannot be overstated. Think of the opening scene of Jaws but with a jaunty ragtime tune instead of the ominous and iconic score we all now know. There are a few things to consider when choosing the soundtrack to your videos.

Define its Role

Music can serve many purposes when set to video. Are you looking for background music? Do you just want a good introduction or a memorable song to end with? You could also use music to help make the transition to a new section. Your content will determine the answers to these questions. 

Define the Mood

Channel your inner film score composer and choose audio that matches your visuals. The music you use will tell the viewers how to feel about the subject matter. Think about whether you want the viewers to feel relaxed, happy, chilled etc. Many platforms (such as SyncVault) allow you to filter tracks based on mood and you will be presented with some great options. 

Think Of Your Audience

You need to consider who’s watching your videos. It’s a good idea to find music that you think they’ll like. It could be off-putting or even alienating for your viewers to hear music they don’t like over your videos. So take a look at your analytics and figure out what genres they might like and choose music accordingly. 

Where to Start?

In general, it’s unlikely that you’ll use a song in its entirety so don’t feel the need to start the song at the beginning. It could be that the introduction is slow and builds up which might not be suitable for you. So have a listen to the music you’re considering using and find the section that works best for the content it’s accompanying. Don’t feel bad about skipping ahead to the best part or the final big chorus - in essence you’re promoting their music by putting it in your video anyway so they probably would want the best section in there anyway! 

Where to Find it

The golden rule of using music in your videos is to stay away from copyrighted music. You could end up with all sorts of issues if you use music you don’t have permission to use which could lead to you having to remove the content from all platforms and maybe even facing a fine! So there are lots of options for you to find and use music legally. YouTube’s Audio Library can be a good one to start with. The main issue with YouTube’s library is that it’s a very mixed bag and high quality tracks are by no means a guarantee. 

What you really need is a platform that allows you to earn money whilst promoting great new music - here’s a thought that’s just randomly come to mind: you could use SyncVault! You can choose music from our extensive library of music, all of which has been approved by our A&R team. What’s more you can get paid for using their music in your videos. Seems like a good idea to me…

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