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5 Tips for Introverted Creators

13th December 2022

When you think of content creators, you assume they have a big personality and are full of energy. But it may surprise you to learn that many of them are quite shy and introverted. It’s easier to talk to a camera than to people! As a fellow introvert, I can attest that making the effort to be energetic and personable is a good way to cover up the shyness and appear confident. Everyone worries about how they come across on camera, creators are no exception. So here are 5 tips to overcoming the fear of being in front of the camera and publishing your work for the world to see. 

Accept Your Nature

I know this heading sounds like the first chapter of a dodgy self-help book but what I mean is: it’s okay to be an introvert. It’s easy to think that it’s not when people say things like ‘why are you so quiet?’ But try responding with ‘why are you so loud?’ and see what they say… I digress - just a pet peeve of mine. The point is, people respond to real personalities online. That’s the difference between movie stars and social media personalities - fans get to know creators personally. The more you share as a creator, the more they’ll engage with your brand and want to be involved in your life. So letting some of that natural introvert…ness come through is okay! 

Know Your Limits and Push Them

Life is all about pushing yourself. You don’t want to be comfortable all the time and never do anything more than you think you can. If appearing on camera terrifies you then you need to do it! Once you’ve done it once, you’ll be glad you did. And as you continue doing it more and more, your improvement will be almost instantaneous. As you overcome your own personal challenges and push past the barriers that you imposed on yourself, your confidence will increase naturally as you surprise yourself more and more. This is really starting to sound like a self help book but I’m here for it. 

Don’t Be Overly Critical of Yourself

This is something I certainly struggle with. I truly am my own worst critic - chances are, you are too! No one will hate seeing you on camera or hearing your voice as much as you do. If speaking to a camera is something you’ve never done before it’s going to be uncomfortable. You also won’t get it totally perfect from the off. And that’s okay! You can’t expect too much from yourself and you’ll only get better. So try your best and if you can bear to watch it back then think about where you can improve without berating yourself for your mistakes. I was speaking to a creator recently who told me how important he felt that his early videos remained on his channel. He’d considered removing them but decided that even though they made him cringe, they were as much a part of his brand as the most recent video he posted.

Make Sure You’re Energised

Although you want your natural personality to shine through, you do want to be presenting your best self. Perhaps doing something that you really enjoy just beforehand could be a good idea. Filming immediately after getting home from a busy party might not be the best idea as you’ll most likely be super drained from all that socialising. Pick a time of day that works for you too - if you’re not a morning person then wait until you’re feeling more alert. 

Add Some Structure

I often find that knowing when I’m going to have to do something with which I’m uncomfortable helps me to prepare and psych myself up to actually do it. Setting a time to film every week at the same time might be a good way to do this. Set goals for filming - make sure you only spend a certain amount of time on each section and move on. This will also help with your perfectionism problem. If you rely on your structures and systems, you’ll refine your filming and editing process in no time at all and it’ll take you less and less time to come up with something with which you’re comfortable and you’ll wonder why you were ever worried about appearing on camera. 

little bonus tip

Try to think about talking to the camera not as talking to people but talking to yourself. The point of publishing content is to let people get to know you and invite them to be involved in your life. Think of your videos as an insight into your mind and forget that the camera is even there.

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